Day 14

Women are such a topic in this world huh? Women are so important…But, Allah makes sure to keep women on a high standing in Islam!. If you aren’t able to see this, you my friend, are doing it wrong. (It as in Life…lol not trying to be philosophical).

I was in the kitchen (oh, when a women is willing to do housework, not only is it nice to do for the family, but also you are getting reward as Jihad!.
” “Women asked Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam), ‘O Messenger of Allah, by performing Jihad the men have grabbed Allah’s favours. Is there any deed that we women can do through which we can obtain the same reward of performing Jihad?’ The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, ‘Yes, if one of you does the work of her house it will fetch her the same reward as performing Jihad.’” [Baihaqi]All the work that is performed inside the house – whether it be related to cooking, cleaning, taking care of children or organizing things – can be a source of great reward for women. So don’t complain about it. If you want Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) to give you Jannah in return for this simple work, thank Him for providing you with this easy way in which to earn the great reward of Jihad, and do it happily.”

I try to remember that…anyway as I was saying, when I was in the kitchen, my sweet mother put a lecture on of Mulana Tariq Jameel.
He was talking about Maryam aka Mary (Peace be upon her) and he talked about Isa aka Jesus (Peace be upon him). [Hazrat Mariam ra by Maulana Tariq Jameel:

The link above is in Urdu… But insha Allah I will write more about it in my other posts. I actually wanted to share one of the things that melted my heart. It was that in Islam, women are so pure and honored that only Mary (Peace be upon her) is mentioned for the sake of telling Mary (Peace be upon her) and Jesus (Peace be upon him)’s situation…all the other women aren’t because thats how pure we are supposed to think of women!!!!

Btw Eid Mubarak everyone!!! (I’m finally editing this post, so now its a but late but watevs)

The point was, ‘its all about how you think about why something is the way it is…it defines you and your thinking…sadly people might say and think something opposite when the reason is something else’.

Salam. Peace!


2 responses to “Day 14

  1. Very interesting!!! 🙂

    Yet when we see Islamic countries we see women being oppressed – kind of a contradiction in terms I guess! 😦

    Love and huge hugs! 🙂


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