Day 17

I had a friend over in between classes the other day, and she was talking about how everything bad always happens with so and so… She blamed it on ‘bad luck’.

I read that ‘What ever good comes to you is through Allah, and the bad is bought onto by oneself’. She didn’t understand this and started to say something against this, then she got a text message before I could explain to her what I meant. And so, like many topics, this too disappeared, because of something else interrupting it.

I mean, all the bad that happens, does come from ones self, right? Like its consequence; thats how I see it. I don’t mean like natural disasters and such, or something on a national or global level. I meant on a personal level…that only involves you. If you go against the ways of ALLAH, ignore the warnings, blow up your ego to such a degree that you put yourself and your so called ‘understanding’ of ‘your own’ life, then somethin’ bad ’bout to come of it. I would love to explain this further, but my laptop battery is at 10%.

The point is, “Think about why you are here, learn, explore, search for answers till they make sense ALL THE WAYS. Of course they won’t make sense at once, but thats why you are given these number of days…Prophet Muhammad (saws) said: “Seeking Knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.” [Muslim: one who is in submission to Allah. {Allah- The one and only GOD, with nothing/no one associated with Him}.]

Salam. Peace!


Day 15

Sorry, I’ve been busy getting married and all…lol a little blunt but watevs. So I know Ramadan is over (Insha Allah we get to experience it next year), but I am still going to continue to post till I reach Day 30!. It’ll probably take me till the end of the year haha.

Anyway, yesterday while riding [not on a horse] back home, I was looking outside and the sky was so beautiful SubhanAllah! It was Magrib time and the horizon looked like a painting….expect it wasn’t. All the shades and colors, and the half moon was there too! So, I was thinking about how perfect Allah made everything..and yet us humans want the perfect life…We come up with different ideas to make our lives better.

There was a lecture my mom was listening to (just like in my previous post lol) by Mulana Tariq Jameel. I remember the last of it. He was talking about how every human wants the ideal life, family, home, everything. They want something thats better than before. They can’t even think of imperfection. Its because subconsciously, in the back of our minds, we know there is Jannah aka Heaven!

The point is, ‘it is what it is’.

Salam. Peace!