Day #21


Nine more posts till my over-due 30 days of Ramadan2014 marathon of blog posts. I’m so bad at this haha.

I’m carrying on about the topic of ‘People’, which I introduced [if thats what you wanna call it…] in my previous post that I published literally three minutes ago. This one is simple and to the point, as all the other 20 posts [get it…lol. ‘Cause each one has the ‘The point is” punch line (?) at the end. Consistent and clever me.]

So, just don’t judge anyone. And assume the good in them!

That was the point.

OH, and I couldn’t resist not inserting an image for this post. So, “You’re Welcome” [I just quoted Sadie from ‘Awkward’.]


Salam. Peace!


2 responses to “Day #21

  1. As I assumed the good in you! 🙂

    Anne Frank is one of my heroines – she died a terrible death at the hands of monsters, but her writings lived on! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


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