Things to think about.

Not that i don’t do enough of it. Anyway. Here you go:

1 Heartbroken emo philosopher. Getting too deep already.
2 Loneliness can kill you slowly even though you’re surrounded by people in Chicago and in NY.
3 When your long time preference of one state to another changes dramatically and you start to imagine yourself in a whole other country.
4 Eating too much while watching EVERYTHING on online.
5 When your third laptop charger fails you and your laptop battery dies, you resort to continuing that episode via your phone, which also has its second charger on the verge to suicide. Again, getting too deep. I Know.
6 This

7 Missing someone who you know you will never be able to see, talk to, or mention.
8 Life
9 I am a robot now.

You’re welcome.
-Peace out noobs jk i love you people.


8 responses to “Things to think about.

  1. Sweetheart, even though I live in another country I am still here for you and you must remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! 🙂

    I know life must be leaving you feeling totally shit at the moment, but this too shall pass!!! 🙂

    Believe me I know what you are feeling as I have been there!!! 😦

    Love and huge hugs always! 🙂


  2. TIme is something that takes care of everything and beleive me many a people have same things to say ..

    such is what is becoming of life
    Take care of yourself and SMILE..

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