I used to be so hopeful about everything before. Meaning not recently, as you know from the vibe we have been moping around here ever so often (for the past few months at least). Well, I try to be hopeful. I try. I do. I get frustrated every night. I am still trying. [Insert emo sighing].

Ways to be hopeful:

-Forcing yourself to think of the good…people have faults and I know I have a ton. Try to look past those faults, and instead figure out why they are doing what they are.
-Don’t let other people influence their opinions on you about another person. (Going back to the ‘advice’ above).
-Be independent. This makes you more likely to be able to care and make someone else happy.
-Give them time and space. When they want you in their space, step into it, only to give them your undivided attention.
-Put actions to your words.
-Remember God. Pray, and ask for contentment.
-Be creative and make yourself some food. It will help you appreciate the simple things in life.
-Talk about your issues and resolve them. Its better to hurt someone in the acute sense, then cause yourself and them too, chronic pain for the rest of your life.
-Take a trip some where. (Psht…I wish).
-Remember nothing lasts forever… not even hopelessness, if you try to be hopeful. I hope. (See what I did there hahah).
-If people start not liking your thoughts and don’t want to understand your methods, just because they defy the norms and stupid society, then that’s their problem.

-Do something productive everyday! I have a week to myself so I’ll post up daily blog entries to keep myself in check!

-Peace out!


13 responses to “Hope

    • Yea, but in my case, its ME tht is tge prime reason for being all negative…and the media, i think they’re not doing such a good job in presenting most of the news and hate crimes now a days….

  1. When going through hell keep moving.

    It doesn’t pay to stay in one place! 🙂

    There IS a light at the end of the tunnel sweetheart – and you are NOT alone!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


    • yea, the last film i watched was ROY, hindi movie…lol not comedic, more of a heartbroken tragedy that somehow unrealistically turns into a ‘happy ending’ ugh.

  2. i was reading ” 40 rules of Love by Elif Shakaf ” and there was a rule by Shamz Tabriz , he said ” every one of us was created in the hands of Allah and then Allah breathed his spirit into us” , Have we ever tried to look for the spirit of God in some one ? we just hate them , despise them for their bad bt we never try to see the Spirit of Allah breathed into him by Allah

    • thats great advice! Im trying to do that now…and it is working, Alhumdulilah. Im also reading this one book called ‘how to be the happiest women alive’ I left the book in Chicago, so I can’t recall the authors name. It connects Islamic teachings into lives of Muslim womeb and how they can turn their life to be a happy one.

  3. Great Post and tips 🙂

    Islam is a religion of Hope and we are the preachers of hope so Hopelessness is something we should not know anything about. We have Allah and that is enough to drive away all of the hopelessness.

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