Day #1, was OK. I tried to be productive and stuff. I went for a walk in my school. Came back, and cleaned my share of the cleaning. Took out my room’s trash and vacuumed, sprayed my dresser and everything. Its a stress reliever. Oh, besides having a mental breakdown, crying my eyes out, and going on a verge of depression, I made food…eggs to be EGGxact.


The simple things, remember.

I took a shower, a-nice-warm-to-the-point-of-burning-steaming-hot-shower. Alhumdulilah, that felt nice.

I talked to my family, and they suggested I should come home, to NY. I gave in after much deliberation (insert Mufasa’s stern,tone), I booked my flight for the morning after. Then in celebration I made myself an apple, yogurt, cottage cheese ‘ parfait ‘. It doesn’t look appealing in an image form so yea. It was tasty.

That was my first day of break week.
Peace Out!


4 responses to “Sunday

  1. Wish I could just go over and give you a big hug my friend. 😦

    The blues are not fun and we all get them sometimes so I can sympathise! 😦

    Love and huge squishy hugs sweetheart!!! 🙂


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