i have low self esteem
everyone hates me
they think i have the family curse
i have bad character
i am a show off
i use people
i have too many imperfections
i am a waste of time to be heard by any family member
i am bossy and unreasonable
i am depressed
i make everyone else around me depressed
i am physically and mentally unattractive
i don’t have family values
i am irresponsible
and not worthy of love.
this was not a poem.


13 responses to “Hopeless

  1. Everybody deserves to be loved.. You are no different. Even though I don’t know you, know that i for one feel completely opposite against what you wrote about you

  2. Eva, I don’t know if you remember me but if you need someone who will listen to you… I’m here and you have my email. It’s so easy for people to tell you not to feel depressed, give you ways to cheer up, and what to focus on but that doesn’t solve the root of the problem.

    Yes, you’re not perfect but no one is. We all have imperfections and they’re part of what makes us who we are. When someone says they love you and if they truly mean it then they accept those parts of you too.

    Disregard people who keep pointing out your flaws and mistakes in a non-constructive manner. They clearly don’t have anything better to do. I remember days of crushing disappointment… failures… followed by a period of depression. If I kept listening to people who didn’t believe in me I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be who I was today.

    Eva, flaws no matter how big or small don’t make a person unworthy of love. They make people human. I’ve got plenty of flaws but I accept them. If I do want to change something about myself it will be because I want to change it – not for anyone else.

    • I lOVED this comment!!! I think I kinda do remember you…were you that brown witty chick, with an awesome blog…and then all of a sudden you got rid of it!!!???

      • Yes, lol that was me. I hope you’re feeling and doing a lot better. Any time you wanna talk just send me an email.

      • Aww, I’m glad someone liked my blog enough to want it back. I have a whole host of new funny stories but just not enough time to type them up. It’s been a rough past 4 weeks. There is a fierce upper level woman my team and I have been dealing with and every time I get asked how I’m doing… I just want to punch somebody. But that’s life and one good thing came out of this encounter, I’ve become closer to God. I’ve never prayed so hard every hour before.

  3. Depression is a useless emotion. It can clog creativity, hinder progression, and it magnifies your issues. You’re not cursed love. Remember, even in a room of darkness you can still choose light.

    • Akeem, thanks for the comment. For some its just hard accept and making things look better. But I guess its a constant struggle. I hope all the depressed people realize this and find the light.

  4. Sweetheart you are none of these!!! 😦

    We, your friends, do not hate you we LOVE you!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs always my sweet, sweet, friend!!! 🙂


    • Aw thanks Prenin!! This was just a general “poem”…I’ve seen people experiencing this and sometimes I do too… but your comment helps a lot! thanks!

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