Useless Dream

I thought that moment passed, forgotten. Nope, just hidden in the back of my mind. “NafsiATi” [mind-related?] I tell you.  I should be freaking out about Finals, cause’ yes, its finals week, hence the distracting-me-getting-on-the-blog-flow. Typical. The dream is kind of fuzzy now, thank God. I woke up in the middle of it and wanted to go back into it. Darn that alarm and school. JK I love the Education, and need that alarm. Alhumdulilah.

It was a Sunrise. Beautiful, I know. Deal with it.

It was a Sunrise. Beautiful, I know. Deal with it.

It was you. Me. and some random girl who was supposedly my younger sister? Like, come on. Get out of my dream, you dweeb. I wanted a younger sister in real life, not in this dream [sure told her HA]. Anyway, it was personal. So close, and personal. Ah. It was…lovely, actually. However, a disappointment upon awakening. You were the same as I knew you, and so was I, except it was a dream and everything was not perfect, but that didn’t matter because we were there. Sticking together till the end. Together. My best friend. Always.

So…you guys want me to write about something specific…I mean if you people still exist. I’ve been so bad at blogging and stuff. Mostly bad at “stuff”. Yea, so tell me! I really want to write at least once a week. Lets see how that goes. BTW, Eid Mubarak?



Ramadan 2015 update post.


How are you? What have you guys been up to? I just hate being away from home during Ramadan! ITS so hard to be in “Ramadan” mode, without family. The Suhoor, the family, the ambiance, the feeling of sweetness, iftar everyday with family, the talking about life and Islam, rushing to the bathroom before anyone else (BAE lol) to make wudu first after iftar, reminding and being advised to stay on track, struggling together, getting ready for Tarawee, wearing my favorite Abaya (made in Turkey!), praying with all the sisters at the Majjid, bumping into all the sisters while leaving the Majjid after Tarawee, stopping at the gas station to get snacks, eating more when coming home, staying up till Suhoor while reading Quran, striving to finish the Quran and making it to every single Tarawee, seeing how grumpy my brothers get at Suhoor, Suhoor with family, praying with family, and trying to fall asleep after Fajr (SO HARD). I know, its a run on sentence. That was my life before Chicago, Alhumdulilah!

Yea so, an update to my life is that I am not planning to go to NY until December InSha Allah (If Allah wills). I just can’t… I used to be the first one out and about during even the week long breaks. Life. But, you already knew that!

Oh, and I am eating super unhealthy. I hate it. I miss my parents and my brothers so much. I miss being home so much that I am tempted to use a smiley. YA KUDAYA MADAD!!!!! Ramadan is almost over.

May Allah accept the wee bit of prayer, fasts, duas, and deeds we all have strived to do. Ameen. Please, if you are reading this, pray for me! [A LOT]. Jasak ALLAH Khair

SALAM from the sad-sad-oh-very-sad eva626. ❤