I need your help, if you can answer these dang questions, that would be great. I have some clue, on what I think the answers should be from what I feel, but lets face it, ‘pagal hogai’ (Insert voice of dramatic Phebe from Friends, ‘THIS IS MADNESS I TELL YOU, For the Love of God!!!’, which btw I finished for the second time, all seasons; twice… I mean, the show Friends.) as my mom would call me. So, I want to know if I am delusional for thinking how/what I do.


#evaEats Twister wrap with sweet potato fries from Natives Food Cafe in Chicago. Fav!!

1) What do you do if you yourself aren’t making someone happy, like if you’re in a relationship with them?
2) What can you do to make life better, in general?
3) How do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found?
4) What do you do when your potatoes are burning in the oven at 1am? (LOL jk. they aren’t burning yet).
5) Is it a good idea to ‘go with the flow’…if so in what circumstances. Which ones is it not to think like that?
6) Should one never ever visit a place just because they are now a ‘taboo’ amongst the people there?
7) Is getting closure a good idea?
8) How do you stop binges esp in the night time?
9) What’s your name?
10) Would you run away from a recurrent issue after you’ve tried to confront it?
11) Should I go to Comic Con Chicago, even if I go by myself?

OK, good luck. I’m not expecting much enthusiasm. None the less, I applaud you all for being here with me. Loners FTW. JK, I’m the only one lol (the good old generic lol. ah #jokes).


11 responses to “Questions

  1. Closure does help in the long run but it’s too much of a hassle
    And yes go to the comic con. Those are always fun and if you’re a bit social you will meet some amazing people there

    • i really need closure, i think…but i feel,like other peop dont want me to get it. and Im not so social, and its like more than an hr away. i still don’t kno if i shud go…maybe i wont unle i find someone who can come with me. thanks. ill keep u updated.

      if u want lol. hows the pardais?

  2. Great questions hun, but I’m sorry to say I don’t have any good answers! 😦

    All I can say is: Do what FEELS right!!! 🙂

    Love and huge squishy hugs!


  3. I can answer the go with the flow question. Got married by going with the flow and very happily might I add! haha but don’t do drugs k, cause them drugs be bad lol

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