You know when you wanted something your whole life and suddenly it becomes so difficult you feel like you are either going to fall short of the qualities or just burn the light yourself. You can try but even despite your trying, you feel depressed none the less, what do you do then? Do you just quit and be scared of how your siblings/parents/husband/inlaws/relatives/friends/classmates will judge you and you’ll regret the decision you made. You’d feel incapable of anything, unable to provide for your parents or teach your kids, or even motivate/ guide your siblings to a brighter future, ’cause who are you to guide someone when you couldn’t follow through or keep up with a life time goal? Is being practical and ignoring your failure worth it or is it to try once more with chance of more depression/stress/failure ?



4 responses to “Failure

  1. Well I feel that we tend to give more importance to failure.. that’s why we remember it more ..
    If we have failed that doesn’t mean we are worthless .. It only means that someone else was just a bit more hard working then us.. and we just need to push ourself a bit more.

    There is nothing to be ashamed of if we have given our best shot. . So don’t worry and stand up and try once more..

    My best wishes

  2. I know that feeling extremely well. Been there, done that. I eventually got what I wanted but… the grass always looks greener on the other side. Let’s take an example. Say for instance your parents wanted you to be a doctor or maybe you even wanted to be a doctor. You struggled to get into a top notch medical school. You think you have achieved all you ever wanted, but lo and behold you end up having a really difficult and horrendous time in pursuing this career that you thought would be best for you. Always pray to God that whatever you want is actually good for you in your future. My father always tells me that people who are depressed don’t believe in God. If you truly believe in God then you know that whatever has been taken or held from you, never belonged to you in the first place. Everything belongs to God. When he deems it, you shall have it.

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