‘Be around Happy People’

Ugh. Shut up. I’m so tired of hearing that (referring to the title). Most people correlate ‘happy’ as a person who and an obvious and constant-dumb-smile on their face. What about the ones whose faces are just ‘blah’ looking. You can find many people, including myself, with a face that ‘people shouldn’t be around’, just because it doesn’t appear to have a smile on 24/7, or at least when you see them for a mere minute in the hall. Come’on…we can be the most happiest people in the world even though its almost impossible to see it on our faces. RBF.
With that, what if these people are also soft spoken, because that’s how they were bought up…you know, like those who have respect for authority and would rather follow, and listen before chiming into a conversation, like me. Heck, they even made a ‘citizenship’ award for me in middle school for having the most respect for the teachers… I just never spoke in a crowd over three people, one being myself. Oh, and it took me years to speak up in front of an adult, even if I had to use the bathroom at school.

I am starting to think, like my parents, that I am suffering from ‘chronic depression’, unless I’m not… you know, being all calm and nonchalant about it, well maybe I’ve reached an acceptance phase, ah…idk. I have these major mood swings…wait Ill elaborate another time.

Anyway, people who don’t seem happy aren’t always sad, they’re probably thinking about stuff, or they’re super mellow, like me. I like to think of it as being really chill and minding-my-own-business type of person. Being around happy people is good, but being around positive people is better, unless they’re super obnoxious. That’s the worst.

This whole topic is a controversy to me, ’cause being around a person like me, you can always feel better about yourself (loool I’m not emo, I swear). I mean I’m not that ‘happy-go-dumb-annoying-lucky-person’ people refer to when they suggest who you should be around. Its not all negative…its called being real and maybe kind of confused in life, or a life crisis. All in all, the point is that everything is going to be ok. In Sha Allah. Just be around good people and those who are comfortable with being around you.


Vegan Mac and ‘Cheese’

So I don’t like eating real cheese, cause no matter how much oil, sugar, chocolate, and carbs I eat, real cheese just scares me. Its weird. So I used to eat Mac and cheese at school (up until high school really) and the cafeteria used to serve the most memorable Mac and cheese. Yea, its weird. Since I don’t like real cheese anymore, I needed to combine my macaroni with something…and pasta sauce doesn’t cut it. Did I  mention I don’t like tomatoes either (too mushy and eh).
Since I am moving back to NY for 6 months, I am forcing myself to finish all my food before leaving, so I don’t have to throw it out.
I usually buy two types of non-dairy cheese: a mozzarella flavored and a cheddar flavor. The first one usually finishes first, so I used the ‘cheddar’ flavored cheese slices (I think it was the Trader Joe brand).


I know it doesn’t look appealing in the picture, that’s because my phone is out dated. For real tho, even certain apps don’t let me in (ahem, snapchat).

So here’s the ingredient list:

  • -hand full (I made it for myself only) of macaroni (any will do, I used whole wheat)
  • -1 tablespoon (or more, depends on how you like it) of garlic salt
  • -1 teaspoon of minced garlic
  • -2 teaspoons of thyme
  • -2 slices of any vegan cheese
  • -some nutritional yeast (I didn’t have any)
  • -a bit of almond milk (very little)
  • 1 teaspoon (or more) of vegan butter


  1. Boil some water, twice as much as the amount of macaroni. Add the macaroni until its cooked through. Don’t forget to add some salt for flavor and some vinegar so there isn’t a sticky-mushiness to it.
  2. Add some almond milk (or any other kind you’d like) to a pot on medium heat and let it simmer. Then add the butter and garlic salt, minced garlic, and thyme. Keep stirring until all is combined.
  3. Add the slices of cheese (can use more if you’d like) to the milk mixture and stir. Keep stirring until the milk has evaporated and you get a cheesy consistency.
  4. Add in the already made macaroni to the pot of cheese. Keep the heat on medium heat. Combine everything together and remove from the pot once you get a ‘mac and cheese look’. Sprinkle with nutritional yeast for more of a cheesy flavor and a boost of vitamins. Enjoy 🙂

* Note, some measurements might be a bit off, because like my mama, I don’t use measuring equipment.

** Make sure to do your own trail an error.



Not choosing a suitor

Hi readers, 

Here’s a topic that is more of self-help for my fellow gals, or a drop-dead shocker to all the aunti’s and old-controling-male-hags of the world. I used to write posts of love and marriage and how everything is so grand and blah blah blah bs.

Well, things change depending on circumstances and basically who you have chosen or who was chosen for you, and you being the best little goody two shoes of the household, agreed upon it. 


First off, you can already tell their lack of intelligence when they try to argue about the dumbest things like, oh so genetics isn’t a real thing or if cancer is real then how come people in the past never had it. All that nonsense that most people won’t have the energy to quarrel on. Like come on, try going to college first. Oh, and the best ones are those questions after you say the very normal words, “duration” or “convenience” followed by the true stupid questions “what do you mean, duration?”. Really? its a darn word…go look it up. 

Second, you’re living in this time era not the one of your zameen (land) in the 18th century. They’ll force you to be apart of their family…nothing is wrong with that except the word FORCE. No, you married that one person not the whole dang kandaan (family). They don’t take into account what type of person they are with, in terms of born and raised in a certain place, in a certain time.

Third, mentality at its finest. OLD. Today’s time and issues are different from way back then. Islam has made it so that people can accommodate on certain issues (not all but ones that take into account the place and time). Rulings and living, etc… Each has its place in life and should be followed. Stick to what you know is right and try NOT to compromise on things you know that are wrong. You might get in trouble with some things I’ve said here, so don’t listen to me for the most part (disclaimer). You’ll always be seen as the bad one, especially because of the cultural differences. Kill that culture if you don’t like it. It might kill you in the processes but so be it. Ha. I am already half way dead. 

Some advice, tell them to deal with it or leave. Of-course you won’t be able to directly, cause your mom, who is also sucked into the stupid social expectation and drama…from noone that really even cares. So you try it for a year, do whatever and hold up your own. When your family goes out of the country leaving you behind like a piece of trash, you drop those cherished words that you’ve been saving ever since two months in, “Like you said before, this isn’t working, you should talk to the parents”. 

Fourth, only go for someone who you fell in love with because no matter how ludicrous and old fashion they may be, you’ll always find a way to love them. But, if its arranged, just don’t do it   you should know what you will be dealing with… a slow death everyday . Heck, even the immigration lady predicted “it doesn’t look like its working out”. Lets see if that holds true. 

Love Cyrus.