‘Be around Happy People’

Ugh. Shut up. I’m so tired of hearing that (referring to the title). Most people correlate ‘happy’ as a person who and an obvious and constant-dumb-smile on their face. What about the ones whose faces are just ‘blah’ looking. You can find many people, including myself, with a face that ‘people shouldn’t be around’, just because it doesn’t appear to have a smile on 24/7, or at least when you see them for a mere minute in the hall. Come’on…we can be the most happiest people in the world even though its almost impossible to see it on our faces. RBF.
With that, what if these people are also soft spoken, because that’s how they were bought up…you know, like those who have respect for authority and would rather follow, and listen before chiming into a conversation, like me. Heck, they even made a ‘citizenship’ award for me in middle school for having the most respect for the teachers… I just never spoke in a crowd over three people, one being myself. Oh, and it took me years to speak up in front of an adult, even if I had to use the bathroom at school.

I am starting to think, like my parents, that I am suffering from ‘chronic depression’, unless I’m not… you know, being all calm and nonchalant about it, well maybe I’ve reached an acceptance phase, ah…idk. I have these major mood swings…wait Ill elaborate another time.

Anyway, people who don’t seem happy aren’t always sad, they’re probably thinking about stuff, or they’re super mellow, like me. I like to think of it as being really chill and minding-my-own-business type of person. Being around happy people is good, but being around positive people is better, unless they’re super obnoxious. That’s the worst.

This whole topic is a controversy to me, ’cause being around a person like me, you can always feel better about yourself (loool I’m not emo, I swear). I mean I’m not that ‘happy-go-dumb-annoying-lucky-person’ people refer to when they suggest who you should be around. Its not all negative…its called being real and maybe kind of confused in life, or a life crisis. All in all, the point is that everything is going to be ok. In Sha Allah. Just be around good people and those who are comfortable with being around you.


10 responses to “‘Be around Happy People’

  1. Very true hun! 🙂

    If people want a person who smiles all the time, then OK send them to the circus as Clowns do that very well! 🙂

    You are a real person hun – and I accept you as you are! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Someone once told me that I remind them of the character Sadness from Inside Out. I agree with you, it’s not depression or negativity… it’s called being real. I can’t stand super positive naive people.

  3. There’s no need to fake anything. I am introverted but since I also perform people don’t realize that, so when when I’m quiet they’re like “Why aren’t you talking with us?” Sometimes I really have nothing to contribute or I’m just in my head. I like to make smart ass remarks and be silly, but not all the time. My happiness is a choice, which means I can also feel down or simply neutral.

  4. I have a happy Person in my family. He’s soo happy that some of us end up in tears. He only knows one emotion, happy . I pray he stays that way but it’s hard to see him not go through any other emotions

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