The last ten days.

In Sha Allah let’s all try to make the best of the last Ashra of Ramadan! I can’t believe it’s almost over. I feel like I have not met my goals. That is the worst feeling ever. Please forgive me if I have wronged or offended anyone who reads this stuff on my blog. Also thanks to everyone …for reading, not the getting offended part Lolz. 

I was going to go on and on about something but I forgot. Anyways, happy fasting, praying, and reaching those goals! And here’s to all my food fanatics:

You’re Welcome. Or sorry if you’re fasting! In my defense you should all know I post pictures of edible things. JK sorry!


Ramadan 2016

Its been almost two days of fasting (T minus 2.5 hrs until Iftar) and has been two nights of Ramadan already! I do have goals this month. Alhumdulilah. I’m sure everyone is trying their best to be a better version of themselves this month, as well as a better person to carry on after this blessed month, In Sha Allah. This will be the second year I am observing Ramadan without my family, because I am back in Chicago. I’ve got my head on straight and I am trying to be focused on the things that matter.

The past has been up and down, but I am here, once again, trying to make the best of the present and future. I still dua for everyone I love, but now I am trying to make myself feel happy, because if you are happy yourself others can not disappoint you. You just find the best in everyone like those silly freakishly-happy-people-from Chicago. So, yea I am happy now Alhumdulilah and I dua that everyone I meet and interact with can be happy too. This goes back to my post about “being around happy people“. I get it now! It might not feel good to yourself when you hear your family members scold you on how pessimistic and frowny you are most of the time, but when you display your bright side equally, they finally come in terms that you might be as ‘normal’ as they are.



Many things make me so mad, like horror-movie-furious. Such things would be: messy and just disgusting things/situations, or hunger. Ways I found out to cope with such traumas are to do something about it. One, fix it yourself or two, ask someone to help you fix it. If you see the food still out and random grains of bryani rice on the floor of the praying area two minutes before Taravee, don’t make a disgusted face at the girl who isn’t doing her job, instead clean it up yourself and she will come and help. Be a role model. You don’t have to waste your energy or elasticity around your mouth by getting all mad and stuff; life is easier this way.

The one thing I mentioned to a friend last night was: “To each their own”. She didn’t understand. I meant that everyone does what they want, intentionally or unintentionally. Isn’t it better to think people just don’t know better? If they do know better, just leave them alone and you do the best you can by your actions. This saves a lot of talking, which I don’t really part take in. Live life like its “no big deal”. In Sha Allah we make this Ramadan the best we can. May Allah guide us all, have mercy on us, and make us succeed in both Deen and Dunya. Ameen.