Post Eid 2016.

I went to this Eid expo thing the night before Eid and the results minus the ugly nail art:

it was OK

I made my friends watch a favorite movie of mine [which now might be replaced by ‘Mr.Right’. Hilarious]. It’s called ‘Gia’ from 1998, staring Angelina Joli. Ah but this time it felt like it was too slow or maybe I wasn’t fast forwarding it as much as the first time I saw AND decided it would be my favorite movie. Ugh, now I can’t call myself ‘artsy’, not that my nail art compliments my talent. Maybe I’m trying to hard to be artistic… 

This here is the one and only piece of —– [jk no cussing!] art I attempted and got so motivated and overly confident. The result, t -minus two years later: 

Ha, it even says the date I started. This is sad. Well, not really.

Since Ramadan has ended recently, I have found that I’ve been spending so much time thinking. Not the smart-person type of thinking. It’s more like the thinking a greedy-fatso type of person would do: Food. Ah. I can go on and on writing about my obsessions LINK.My recent obsession for the past week was OITNB mostly because Ruby Rose. DUH. 🌶

its Kawa

I had a couple of birthday outings and this was one of them. It was fun! And below is another birthday thing my friend took me out for. It’s a video of a fountain near downtown Chicago. I never knew it existed.

So far life is going good. Alhumdulilah.