Saying Yes.

There are so many things I dislike, afraid of, or cannot stand, as you know. Like water but this summer I kayaked and didn’t care about getting wet!

I said Yes to myself and what I feel comfortable with, sort of. I am still working on this in terms of family things.. thats the hardest.  I decided to try new things, meet new people, and animals!

Buddy and I are distant friends. We don’t pet eachother.🐶

I wouldn’t have had to face this dog if my friend warned me before hand, but she didn’t. I’m actually ok with that now! I learned to face my fear and come to peace with dogs.. more like, just this dog. It also helped that Buddy gave up trying to get petted by me. Lol.

I’ll keep you updated on my old self growing older. Hopefully I don’t die in the process LOL (get it. Btw JK).



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