Did you drink?

So about half an hr ago I came across a couple of people who came back from this educational event and it was super weird. I mean, they were acting weird. Don’t get me wrong, I love weird but this was the uncomfortable type. And I hate that.

I always thought that people being a bit tipsy was OK since they knew what they were doing, just while acting extra happy. To be honest, I try to avoid being around these people, or if there’s a chance someone is about to drink in my company, I sway them not to. 

One started drunk dailing or messaging. Is this typical?

So these two people, who are normally normal, were acting odd. I didn’t like this odd. One almost fell on the way in. They were whispering at first and then talking normal and again, started whispering. Like, make up your mind. So I figured they had a few. I asked twice. The first time one of them squealed, ‘NO’… And the second time the other giggled and said ‘just one, but look at so and so compared to me’. I rolled my eyes and sighed, ‘I knew it’. They called each other cute, like the way they were acting was cute, but in reality it wasn’t. They just looked stupid. 

My last words were, ‘I’m not used to this so I’m gonna go’. The end.



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