My love for YouTube 

Yes, when things are going down hill…like my life, my grades, relationships, and other websites that won’t play my dang tv shows… YouTube videos are always there (at least until my dumb and old, but very much loved, laptop dies out of nowhere. Seriously it just turns off).

I’ve always wanted to make YouTube videos and have that glam life you see on certain famous and friendly youtuber’s videos. Unfortunately I never had the guts, confidence, camera, or editing and uploading knowledge to do so. However I am planning on making a channel to get out of my comfort zone… which is every zone besides my room.

I shall warn you, I sound better in a written format and the videos might be filmed on my iPhone 📱 for the first 6 months or more, depending on how much content I get uploaded, how much money I have by the end of this said time period, how many views my videos get, and of course if I am still feeling it by then or not. Let’s see.

And of course I will post my channel info and link on here once it’s up and running. I promise. I love you all. I feel like a queen (you know the lady in England). I really don’t tho.



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