You know what annoys me so much?! Yes, it’s that everyone is ignoring the best holiday. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and people don’t even care ! Gosh. So rude. 

I blame the government and the media. It’s not fair. Like why is Chicago doing their lousy Christmas lighting thing today. It’s only November 18th. What happened to no cutting the line. Stay in your spot…meaning December. End of December actually.

Thanksgiving has always been a huge part of my life. I don’t care what all these brown people say… I think it’s supposed to be a holiday to pull families together and an excuse to have a great warm and cozy time. I know many people died back in the day because of the white people who took over the Americas, but you know what, even though it’s not an equal or relevant argument, Christmas isn’t even real. Not to offend any religion, but I’m talking about the traditions like santa and stuff. Let us have our thanksgiving and you-fairy-magical people can have your Santa. 

Sorry I just love thanksgiving and turkey is OK. I’m more excited about the family time and the sweet potato. Have a good thanksgiving week everyone!



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