The Relationship 

I find that many people either give their all or just live because they have to… with another person, like in a relationship. If you’re with someone who doesn’t care or has no ideas of living, how can you live an enjoyable life? It’s so bland. 

For example, you are visiting home after two or three months and you are set to stay in this city (you call it just a ‘city’ now, since it became uber boring, or even a snooze-fest if you will once getting into what ever you got yourself into) for three days. But you are to spend one day with your significant other. You are excited and curious what is to come. 

Maybe an exploration day around town, visiting the Grand Central Market Place, going for a night at a yoga class together, or discovering a mountain in the middle of the buildings. You look up all the cool things happening on Facebook and EventBrite, just to be prepared on what clothes to bring or what potential plans you can be surprised by. You’re just hoping not to experience the dreaded-sit-in-the-car-to-find a place to eat, overdone moment once again. 

So, you freak out for a second but are still hopeful that maybe you will get that memorable day of surprise that you’ve been waiting for and not at all hinting or worse, forcing down someone’s dry and sandpaper dull throat.

 You text him: I’m so excited! Two more days!!

He: Yea, me too! 😘

You: So what did you plan?! (Not looking forward to the obvious answer)

He: what airport and what time are you arriving?

You: *rolling your injected-I-knew-it-eyes* *sighing as you resend the screenshot of the flight confirmation*

He: early breakfast and then we’ll go home.

You: oh *actually thinking “why did I even ask”*

After a good five minutes

You: *a very sarcastic and annoyed* lol that’s it?

End scene (or text message conversation).


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