A review: 2016

1. I moved several times, a couple times out of despair and other times by choice.

2. I made new friends and maintained friendships from the year before.

3. Battled my inner thoughts. I barely made it out alive. Call me a survivor or don’t.

4. Embraced hugs from people who deserve it.

5. Had a temporary job.

6. Set my priorities straight. Alhumdulilah

7. Kept my fantasies alive.

8. Visited two new states and loved both experiences.

9. I let go. Even the time I got conned… which was a few days ago.

10. Learned to be patient and liked it.

11. Accepted and adapted (almost)

12. I became an adult. 🙂



9 responses to “A review: 2016

  1. Glad that you enjoyed the last year 🙂
    Take care. Amidst so much going wrong its good to see people doing it right at least for their own lives 🙂

    • Yea I hope this year goes smoothly too… for now I’m trying not to effect what’s going on in the world with my personal life. But still spreading good things .

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