Come back, wondering mind.

I had a dream last night…it wasn’t a good dream. It was a worrisome dream. One that makes you stop and think about how I have to grasp reality and let go, since you already let go way before, which honestly kills me.  I was so scared to take a step forward into the past because I thought that it might make me go crazy of how much I want to go back. But, then in this dream, I did and it was like a slap in the face. I wanted this dream to stay a fantasy and one to where I can go and hide in when ever I felt alone or sad, but the dream was actually a wake up call, just call me an oxymoron will ya (get it LOL). For real though, it pulled me in and nothing! Like what, why, I really wish it was something. I wanted it to stay a sweet hiding place but it was rather blah…

Gosh. My escape became as bland as my reality. Thanks, dream you are such a nightmare. (LOL I did it again – not Britney)



3 responses to “Come back, wondering mind.

  1. I have been having this same thing again and again. I do not dream for real, like dreaming is completely not in my books because i am a hard sleeper but i am getting weird dreams lately.

    I want to fulfill a goal, that is to a certain thing for 40 days straight up (its almost 35 days today so yeah :D) but the dreams I am getting is about me missing that task every single time and I wake up getting all scared and washed up because I so badly want to fulfill this task that I have taken up.

    I don’t know if it is stopping me to fulfill it or is it making to want my task to be fulfilled more. Its just confusing at to what the purpose of the dream is, as they are exactly defined as nightmares right now.

    Bad Dreams = Nightmares … and i am getting a hell lot of em.

    • Oh no! That sounds scary… maybe you’re getting too anxious or stressing about what you want to accomplish and it’s disturbing your sleep … ah good luck!

      • Hmm yeah maybe, it’s just causing a LOT of pain these nightmares. Even yesterday night I had to sleep super early because my head was hurting so bad …

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