Ask her

Ask me stuff. I’d love to try to answer.



73 responses to “Ask her

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  3. hmm why you like making things so difficult? lol you just forced me to copy-paste from all the way there to here …. ugr! 😛

    So … u still want me to repeat the qn? lol now, am waiting …. I am not going to assume you are from Karachi, shall I? lol

      • You are so grounded!!! lol

        … hmm nyc, huh … and no further details? hmm as if am gonna knock at the door or something?! lol … And am assuming eva was born in nyc … 😛 is this the eva from Wall-E by any chance?? lol

        Failing is my trademark … so get used to it. 😛

  4. So where do you hand out them?? You can just tell me the place, you dont even have to give it to me directly, u can leave it somewhere no one can see it, and I can pick it up from there … 😀

    Anyway, I doubt that will happen … so either way, it’s an obvious no! and so i exit from here gracefully with no brownie! lol …

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      • Haha yeah slaving away in the kitchen all day. The thug life chose me but I broke away just long enough to visit you.

        You’re posts are awesome and hilarious at the same time. How about you post some more so I have another source of entertainment. Cool? Thanks

      • yea sure np. make sure to read and comment on the one im about to post up..its a guest post actually.

        now go back to the kitchen.

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