Hi! Happy holidays everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. You know, I was feeling pretty sad as usual, but then I went to check the usual status update from this fellow person and was quite surprised! Surprised, because it was one of the dumbest things one can post. My issue wasn’t the post but rather how this person would have the nerve to post it.

It went along the lines of how women are this but want this, blah blah blah. It was all good, but my biggest pet peeve is when men post things about females and their behavior. Like come on, mind your own business or keep it to your self, or something worth while, how about posting stuff about your own gender.

Even though this irritated me, it also bought a smile to my face. Rare, I know. It showed me how lucky I am I don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Alhumdulilah.

I will keep stalking people out of habit of course. But it will just be that. Have a good one friends! Dua for me 🙂




I need your help, if you can answer these dang questions, that would be great. I have some clue, on what I think the answers should be from what I feel, but lets face it, ‘pagal hogai’ (Insert voice of dramatic Phebe from Friends, ‘THIS IS MADNESS I TELL YOU, For the Love of God!!!’, which btw I finished for the second time, all seasons; twice… I mean, the show Friends.) as my mom would call me. So, I want to know if I am delusional for thinking how/what I do.


#evaEats Twister wrap with sweet potato fries from Natives Food Cafe in Chicago. Fav!!

1) What do you do if you yourself aren’t making someone happy, like if you’re in a relationship with them?
2) What can you do to make life better, in general?
3) How do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found?
4) What do you do when your potatoes are burning in the oven at 1am? (LOL jk. they aren’t burning yet).
5) Is it a good idea to ‘go with the flow’…if so in what circumstances. Which ones is it not to think like that?
6) Should one never ever visit a place just because they are now a ‘taboo’ amongst the people there?
7) Is getting closure a good idea?
8) How do you stop binges esp in the night time?
9) What’s your name?
10) Would you run away from a recurrent issue after you’ve tried to confront it?
11) Should I go to Comic Con Chicago, even if I go by myself?

OK, good luck. I’m not expecting much enthusiasm. None the less, I applaud you all for being here with me. Loners FTW. JK, I’m the only one lol (the good old generic lol. ah #jokes).

Stupid Culture

Don’t get me wrong, but being cultured is a part of becoming knowledgable and understanding different groups of people. Thats a great thing. Traveling and absorbing new cultures creates character, tolerance, and makes you kind toward humanity [at least thats the way I see it]. And then there is ‘following dumb cultural traditions’. Oh, this gets on my nerves! I hate it so much. If I know someone and I find out he or she follows a certain cultural tradition that disturbs peoples’ or an individual’s life including my own, I start disliking them slowly. A lot.

This is problematic. So, I turn to Islamic teachings and try to find out if Islam agrees on these traditions or its just stupidity passed on by generation to generation. The latter comes to conclusion most of the time. Then, I take a deep breath and confirm that I am not crazy.

One of my missions in life is to abolish the ‘people think this’ or ‘what will they say’ or ‘but thats how it is’ norm. And, I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

The hard part is when you want to potentially ‘like’ someone, but their thinking is stuck in that profound nonsense. Its so hard not to hurt their feelings. You have to take risks. I try little by little, but when they aren’t getting it, I have to talk about it face-to-my-intense-I-almost-hate-you-face.

Good luck to me.
I hope you all had a great ThanksGiving.

Day #20

Well, more like #IDEK [I don’t even that a real thing?]. Anyway…I am just pondering about people and situations..or how I should be freaking out about my exam. People are so ‘unknown’ right? Well, thats ’cause we don’t know them. I was with a few of my friends [yes, I have friends] and one of them [and yes, there are more than two] says, “oh, you’re so chill, and relaxed all the time!”…My dumb-reflex-ungrateful-response was, “um…I have so many problems”. She got me though. She said, “…everyone does”.

The point is, “You aren’t alone. In one way or another every person is going through something. Suck it up and be thankful for everything, and YES Allah tests those who He knows can take it. There is always something to come out of it.” Trust me, I know…lots of experience Alhumdulilah!

Salam. Peace!

Day 6

Being a parent is difficult. You have to be a friend, but also have to have order. Why….its because they are more experienced than their kids, and they want the best for the kids. If they don’t understand something, explain to them in a tone that reminds yourself that you will have kids one day insha Allah, or more importantly that Allah is watching how you talk to your parents.

After explaining, give them time to understand. If you, the kid are wrong, drop your stubborn ego and give in. Apologize, ’cause you never know when you’ll die, and that deed will be taken to account. Astagfirullah, May Allah forgive me (us). This is going back to Day 2.

Anyway, I really planned to write about why be a good muslim….and I will lol. Its because you want to be a knowledgeable older-person. Meaning, you want to be able to teach the good things and warn the bad things to the people who don’t know…like your future kids, or the newer generation, or even people who aren’t aware of the teachings and why stuff has to be followed.

This will make the world a better place with Allah’s help. Insha Allah. The most difficult part is that people start to defend their wrong doings because they can not stop doing it or they don’t want to. Thats another issue.

The point was, ‘respect your parents, because Allah gave them rights over you’ and ‘learn and do as much as you can so you can be a good example to your kids or people who just don’t know about Islam, because you are representing the religion of Peace’.

Salam. Peace!