He walks into the room and quickly finds an empty spot on the sofa next to one of the uncles. His friend, standing to the side, comes forward and looks at him with brows raised, in a matter of question. He smirks, and mouths out the word, ‘nothing’. After a good fifteen minutes of listening and nodding to the conversation of the men in the room, he excuses himself and heads outside. There, he first looks up toward the upper level of the house, sighs, and sits on the front steps.

Mood. (image via google images)

Mood. (image via google images)

He hears footsteps coming from inside. They sounded like heels for the first few steps, which then disappeared. Now the sound was of flats, shuffling, hitting the ground and getting closer. The metal door creeks open, and he turns to see her, with her phone to her ear and a tear on her cheek. She doesn’t notice him sitting there. He pulls up his arm and waves before she steps out. He sees her look down right at him with a blank face, turns her phone off, and says, ‘what’. He bits his lower lip, gets up, looks at the sky and then at her and says, ‘you know, you’re still a likeable kind of weird’.


Ok, so what should the title of this be? Any suggestions? Anyone want to fill in the next post and create some suspense?