Chit Chat

Who: strawberry

When: 2011-11-09

Where: fb chat

Summary: Making fun of professors

strawberry: hopefully profA is a easy grader. hes such a shorty

me: hopefully i dont cry too haha; LOL thats not his fault… hes also very saggy haha lol. that sounds so mean

strawberry: hahahahaha saggy, sounds gross, he needs to retire
me: yea very gross; seriously before stuff start falling off lol
strawberry: lmaoo so truee

me: ew ew ew, i cant look at him the same way now! lol
strawberry: lol its ok, hes teaching chem 2?
me: no i dont think so. someone else.
strawberry: ohhh ok anything is better than this shorty
me: lol. now he sounds ghetto, from the hood haha
strawberry: hahaha
me: hows profB??
strawberry: hes paindu as usual
me: does he still tell his funny stories?
strawberry: lol yeahh sometimes lol, i love the way he said H; its like HECH lolll
me: ‘HECTH ” haha
strawberry: yeah hahaha
me: lol we are so bad!!! making fun of professors lol
strawberry: lol its a fun topic; next will be husbands lol
me: omg strawberry!; you better marry someone decent or else ill have to kick his self esteem out the window
strawberry: hahahaha hopefully i will!!


Who: Blob

When: 2011-01-03

Where: aim

Summary: College tips

blob: clothes shopping, but not school shopping

blob: speaking of, what should I take my first day?

me: oh like one piece of loose leaf for each class haha, then you buy the books that the prof asks for

blob: ahh, lol alright, so I don’t really need anything first day?

me: nah…its just gona be going over syllabus and maybe if your taking like science courses/math you might need a few more papers cause you no the first couple of chaptes…

blob: alrightt, so I’ll just take a book or two

me: but most prof give powerpoints which most post…just have them handy the next classes

blob: yea thats good

me: and make sure you ask around…like talk to other kids that already took wat ever calss you are taking casue they might tell you the SECRET stuff

blob: but I don’t know anyone there

me: lol that is y you wer born with a mouth bloberoni haha

blob: lol I’m so nervous, what if I don’t make friends, OR WHAT IF THEY THINK I’M WEIRD

me: shut up you, well…no denying that but youll be fine lol anyway …..

me: most importantly!!!! …guess haha

blob: lol guess what?

me: guess the most important pointer for college

blob: study?

me: yea..thats obvious but DO NOT talk/look at/ make friends with the brown people there

blob: loool whatt??? I never heard that one! why nott??? I LOVE BROWNIES

me: esp ones that talk and shout in urdu/hindi/watever other language brown pple talk in haha, lik the ones who scream across the library shouting “KAI HAAL HAL JANEMAAN!” haha

blob: LOL I want to be that person

me: they will get u no where

blob: lool

me: wat! lol haha

blob: hahaha, I think I only attract brownies anyway so far I only have an indian and paki friend

me: oh an ABCD ! lol

blob: minus the exceptional taste in clothes and high voice. lool

me: haha yea

me: o yea…look for the text books before hand online cause in most colleges their own bookstore charges twice the amount thats online

blob: alrightty

me: dont waste your money on food from college cafes or cafiterias.. big time rip off, order food from out side and break the price with a couple of friends…its better that way

blob: lol ohkay && do you raise your hand in college? what if I have to pee during class?

me: haha…raise hands for ques only… and just walk out if you have to pee… but if your neighbor doesnt mind, u can let it out

me: wait no youll prob be on ur prof’s bad side…yea dont do that

blob: lool hahaha and what if I wanna answer a question? raise my hand?

me: yea but dont correct any prof! they dont like that haha

blob: lol I never did lol, do I call them professor, or mr./ms.??

me: never ever EVER be late

me: prof…ur in college now not some baby school lol

blob: lol if anything i’m always early

me: thats good

blob: any seeat suggestions?

me: um…second row…that way your not a suck up and your not telling your prof “oh i sit in the back so i can cheat off of my classmates”

blob: lol ohkay, but I am a suckup

me: oh…hmm well your choice of major limits my abilities to give you tips cause im a different major

blob: we’re like on two different sides of the world

me: ugh…well dont act like it in class cause people both prof and students wont want to converse with you

blob: haha yea true ohh ok lol I gotta change myself

me: ur clothes?

blob: noo, my suckupness

me: oh haha maybe

blob: it got me a 100 average in math

me: i guess it wont cut it now, just keep it hidden until quizzes, exams and finals and in ur case participate in your dumb english/lit classes haha

blob: lool “dumb” ha!

me: yea i dont like eng/histo majors

blob: lol funny, i don’t like science majors

me: haha but you didnt even start college yet

blob: well actually all my friends are science majors

me: well yea..they are prob brown thats y lol anything else? that i can help u with?

blob: I think that’s it

me: your all set

blob: anything else i should keep in mind?

me: go get’em, tiger! umm…pick smart partners if its a group project or somthing

blob: ohh, I have to choose a partner?? OMG WHAT IF NO ONE WANTS TO BE MY PARTNER

me: in my eng classes we usually had to pair up and stuff but im not so sure about ur situation then …

blob: THEN??

me: you just get your rear out of ur seat and grab the nerd up front and force him/her to be your partner thats how its done rookie

blob: hahaha buttt I cann”’ttt

me: omg. stop being a blob and tough up !!! lol

blob: lol once a blob always a blob

me: hehe maybe

me: yea but sometimes the prof chooses partners for people…but in eng and history classes that iv been in, the prof makes groups

blob: lsakdosdoadkwjdisjfhaf

me: its not that hard…except i hate words and reading nonsense stories and trying to depict the meaning of that garbage…so i hated it

me: have your fingers grown larger blob?

blob: lol what?

me: you seem to type stuff that doesnt make sense

blob: loool that’s my nerves. they’re getting to excited.

me: haha…about college? weirdo

blob: yess!

me: oh yea one more thing, stuff your bag with snacks cause the classes are really long

blob: what if I have lab? ’cause my first class is bio, can i eat in lab/

me: no

blob: -___-

me: if your that hungery just walk out of the room and eat something, but im sure youll be occupied with the work so you dont worry

its usually cold in the lab….so have a sweater under your jacket, take off the jacket and keep the sweater on

blob: alright

me: takes notes on wat ever your prof says about the material even if he doesnt write it down or have it on the powerpoint, some prof give random ques on exams

blobl: alrightt

me: make yourself known to the prof.. but not by being a suckup lol

blob: hey..yo how was your first day

me: oh wow…i feel old and saggy now

blob: lol why

me: cause…nvm , it was ok cause a few of my friends were with me… so it was ok, did you go for orientation or somthing?

blob: yepp it was scary

me: lol y?

blob: everyone looked like adults

me: yea…i thought the same but college people are supposed to be “adult like”, oh wait but most regular students…like who look like “kids” start in fall semester…so i guess you started with the oldies…

me: they usually go mid year into college…january

blob: haha that makes sense lol so all the people in my classes will be old people, atleast for this semester

me: so now your a suckup oldie who is un able to fend for her self on the first day of college

me: no…lol, those people are just starting college the same time u are…they might have diff majors in mind, so diff classes, and they prob work/hav kids stuff like that, so diff classes and schedules

me: wat classes are you taking anyway?

blob: col algebra, english, and bio

me: oh youll be fine!

blob: lol why?



Who: caren the spammer

When: 2011-05-21

Where: aim

Summary: people looking to chat to strangers

caren the spammer: heyaa!

me: who?

caren the spammer: heyyyy …sup have we chatted before? 18/female here…u?

me: dont think so…uh bye


Who: strawberry

When: 2010-2-12

Where: text message

Summary: a good friend

me: Ill always be there to wipe away your invisible tears

strawberry: awww. your such a good friend

me: yea cause I dont like to touch people or their excretions haha

strawberry: lolol


Who: amz

When: 2010-04-07

Where: aim

Summary: dropped on her head

amz: i think my mom dropped me wen i was a baby

me: haha…u think? lol

me: but u no i dont think that reli affects anything

amz: howcome

me: i herd so many ppl say that…but i dont think that falling on ones head would make them as dumb as u (haha jk lol)

amz: lmao


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