Feminism…ok, just shut up.

Not all females are feminists. I mean what is feminism anyway? Flinging your headscarfs out the window or worse…other things as was done in the 1960s in America. That is not feminism…sorry to burst your tiny bubble, but getting rid of pieces of clothing from your body only shows how dumb you are. You don’t respect yourself, how will this make others respect you? I mean come on, you are climbing back the “evolutionary” ladder…animals are unclothed, not humans. Clothes are made to cover us and protect our body parts, not show them off. Ew thats disgusting…ok I am done talking almost naked people.

Just know this, modesty = feminism. With modesty comes pulling out of current social pressures, for example Barbie. Hopefully now you understand. What if you WANT to show off to people, just so they can judge you even more…thats your problem. Good luck with living your life based on what others “impose” on you. There is more to life then just people (of course you are supposed to care about people, their feelings, possessions, ideas, thoughts, humanity, etc… but I mean about what people think about YOU in particular). Everyone is supposed to respect one another…its ethics and morals, no matter what religion or ideas you follow. Ok back to ‘feminism’.

I don’t believe in the type of Feminism that most people think about when they think of this term. They think its about Females ruling the world (that said, what makes this right and then what makes Men ruling the world wrong?…you want to dominate over the other gender…is that it?) This doesn’t make sense to me (not that it matters lol). I think that males and females have to work together in this world for the sake of humanity…even though today’s era is somewhat lost on common sense.

Honestly speaking, the most rights of women I have learned, read about, and am trying to follow is in Islam. Females were given the right to inheritance, work for their own satisfaction and self, vote, counted in socitey more than 1400 years ago by way of Islam. That is way before the US or anyother country or group sought existance of them. If you haven’t seen the video I shared in one of my posts, please do so, there is a segment where it touches the questions of rights of females in it. Females have been honored so much in Islam. This post can go on and on about this topic but I will cut it short and leave you with this picture below. Hopefully it will clear some misconceptions that society has fogged up and hid from your innocent minds:

“The status of Women is so high in Islam, that even Men wish they were Women”


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Why bloggers make the best of people

People have a misconception of bloggers. People, like my sister, used to think that bloggers are not ‘real’. She now thinks that they post stuff to make them self be perceived in a specific way. She thinks they are creepy at times…and not only me, but all of YOU BLOGGERS too. Its ok, because I am writing this post to defend us bloggers. LOL, the last sentence just made US sound so lame. Anyway keep reading.

Reasons why bloggers are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog:

1- We say what we want. This shows how expressive we are and how open we can be. Of course the normal-non-blogging-person would argue that ‘writing stuff on the internet doesn’t show how brave you are to speak your mind, because it is behind a screen, so in fact you are hiding from the world and using weirdo usernames, like ‘eva626′ to randomly speak your mind’. On the contrary, most of the bloggers probably did try to speak their minds in ‘real-life’, but the problem was that the mass of people that we were communicating with do not have the capacity to understand our point of view, so they would just diverge from the basis of the argument and soon it would be pointless. This led us bloggers to use the internet to communicate our opinion to the mass, without being bombarded with random statements, which do not belong in the conversation. Mind you, blog readers can do this too, but then it is easy for the blogger to google-scholar such statements and confirm if they are wrong or right immediately. Over all, bloggers will go by facts, they like to discuss in a sophisticated manner, and they are brave enough to speak their mind {Note: I am talking about the intelligent bloggers, and if you are an experienced blogger, you are probably intelligent in your own special way}.

2-We are real. We are more real than your average barbie doll. I say this because I have made close ties with certain bloggers that I still haven’t managed to with the people who aren’t bloggers. I am not a loner by the way (I think). Many friends in the ‘real‘ world are so very hard to understand sometimes and they are embarrassed to share what they feel or what they are thinking. This causes so much chaos and confusion!!! On the other hand, bloggers will rant on and on about the problem. It can get annoying at times, and most people do not like to read such long posts, but that won’t bother the blogger, because bloggers do not care about people’s negative energy while in the state of an emotional breakdown. Also, the blogger knows that they are not forcing someone to listen to their problems; they just need a way to let it all out and its a better way than smashing plates onto the kitchen floor.

3-We are relatable. There are many bloggers who share the same interests, be it food, traveling, drawing, or any experience. They like to share the interesting things going on in their life. They find other bloggers who share the same interests too. This creates a mold of a happy community on the internet. Bloggers have a certain niche they are in, but aren’t afraid to try new things, or at least read about. All in all, we bloggers-minus-the-pycho-ones are a bunch of happy people, and we never get bored.

4-We want to be loved, yet are not forcing people to love us. Most bloggers, if not all, want more and more people to read their posts, comment, and follow their blog {hint, hint}. They want to be freshly pressed so badly, yet they do not yell it out to the point that the committee gets annoys and puts a ban on their blog forever. They are easy-going people, who care about how others feel…and so, they know when not to be annoying and just go with the flow.

5-We are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog because we are bloggers and bloggers will always be cooler then non-bloggers. {No offensive, if you aren’t a blogger and just a reader…you probably are cool as us bloggers. Thanks for reading}

I love being a blogger.

Tag Post#4

Yea, you guessed it…my brain is empty. A couple of nights ago, after I published my last post, I couldn’t sleep because I had so many ideas to post! Now, I can’t remember any of them. FAIL. So, thanks to Blogger Bik and his tag post…I decided to tag myself haha. Its supposed to be a post about OTHER posts! How rad is that.
A one, a two, a one two three four:
-Your most Beautiful post:  Why!?  . I re-read this poem I wrote, over and over [when I am bored and have nothing else to do lol]. Its ‘dark’ but I think its beautiful.
-Your most Popular post: 10 ways to torture a blogger. This one had the most comments. I wonder why LOL.
– Your most Controversial post: Sharing is caring.  Its my experience with religion. I was debating this one to be the most controversial along side this post called ‘Barbie in the US of A’.  Of course.
– Your most Helpful post: Suggestions, por favor.  This post, I can say with confidence, is one that EVERY BLOGGER must read. Not only did it help others, but the comments helped me the most.
-A post whose success Surprised you: Talentless.  Really you guys?
-A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: One of the hectic weeks. Its just the one with the least comments haha.
-The post that you are most Proud of: Don’t give up. I just love when people spread the word and give those topics importance. I think that bloggers and regular people’ [LOL… regular people, who are not bloggers are cool too; just not AS cool as bloggers. If you know what I’m say’in] should spread awareness of anything that they feel needs the attention. So props to all you people who do your part.
Oh yea, here is an image I want you to drool over:

The real deal. Vanilla Yogurt frozen gelato with strawberries; and I devoured it. ALL.

Ok. I’m out. Peace.

Barbie in the US of A

First, off this post is something different for me. It’s probably because I usually don’t plan what I am going to post about before hand; but this time I planned it! Exciting huh?. Anyway, its a topic I don’t like to touch upon because it is a social issue. I think. lol. I really do not want to go into it. Really I don’t. Its some what of a controversial topic. It is called obesity. Everyone knows what it is, how it happens, etc…

So what does it have to do with barbie? Well, barbie is supposed to be some iconic, perfect, ideal, lady, that everyone wants (or supposedly ‘should’ want to be). Come on now, no one I know is like barbie…physically.

Personality wise, I know/knew a few people who are ‘barbie’ criteria. She (or ‘he’ – this decade) is the perky chick who owns a loft near the beach (I wish I knew someone with that kind of money), happy-go-lucky, and all-over-ken kind-of gal. I find these people annoying. This was just a side note; ignore it please.

Getting back to the social issue, not only which America is facing but which is also faced by most parts of the world, obesity. And… now I will stop talking about the issue at hand and connect it with ‘oh-so perfect-barbie’.

HA, not so perfect any more; are ya barbie?

No, I don’t have this barbie in my collection…yet. [Image via google]

Where’s my genius twin.

Life would have been so much easier if I had a smart clone  twin. She’d be like me physically, but way smarter and cooperative. Intelligent, motivated, and dedicated, because I have had it with these lousy classes I have been taking for more then 15 years of my life. Yes, elementary/grade school classes also count. Cooperative, because unlike other siblings most people have, this one would be willing to live a duel life. Just for me. The duel life, which would mainly consist of getting through school until the point of becoming successful; with a lot of extra cash. Then, without anyone knowing (besides the two of us), success would be mine, MUWHAHA… haha one can only dream. That is how I would have planned my life at age 4 if I had an identical twin.

Anyway, lets not get too caught up in my fantasy. I was actually meaning to post the unique similarities (oxymoron) that people have, physical similarities that is. When ever I watch a show/movie/people out side my house, I always seem to compare them to someone else I have seen. Its not intentional. Its just that I feel like I have seen someone who looks like that person some where else. Creepy much?. Here are some of the people I have seen similarities in. There are probably more, but these are the one that I either remember and/or could find images of.

Mind you, I mostly watch ‘brown’ people…so good luck to my non brown friends.

Bradley Cooper   

Hrithik Roshan










Katey Perry

Zooey Deschanel










David Tutera

Shahrukh Khan









Sherman Joshi

Jake Short








Paris Hilton

Kareena Kapoor









Crystal from Barbie's Fairy Secret The movie

Selena Gomez










Ok so these are just the images that I am allowed to post up here. I can pinpoint similarities of people I know to others, but I don’t want to ‘invade their privacy’ so I’ll leave it at that.

Only if I could make use of this talent in the real world; dang it.