Day 7

The point is, ‘never stand next to an adorable 3 year old during Tarawih prayer’.

Salam. Peace


The right vs silence.

I think you people might or might have not noticed that I haven’t written anything in months that some of the posts I wrote from previous time [haha idk whats going on with my verbiage…see] are “protected”. Sounds mysterious huh…well they aren’t. I have decided to protect the posts that revolve around what I am “upto” and my “daily happenings”. But, I will keep my other posts public…you know, like the ones that are helpful to others or the kinds that can potentially make a change in the lives of others, even if they have a silly lesson to it or if they make you laugh [because I am that funny. no]. I have left some of my “best” work public as well [rated on the “comment and liking” count of viewers and on every time I LOL whilst reading them myself]. Anyway, that was just a small update on how I will be managing this blog from now on till the end of its existence [managing…lol].

Now to the good stuff. So for a good chunk of this year, my life has been…annoying. But, Alhumdulilah, I have reached the end of it. OMG, its almost 2014!!! [I actually just realized hah]. BTW, I will be having a ‘Farewell 2014’ post up, which yes, will be protected. And, if you people are dying [GOD forbid] to read it, send me an email and I will give you the password [but first I dare you to figure it out yourself]. So, about this post, which is being written right now this very second, well not for you of course, ah, k im done. its not really about my life entirely. It is about you…us…everyone who thinks they are “doing the right thing” or wants to. Its about that good person in you that is trying to make you a better person and trying to help those around you to be better people, no matter how hard it is.

I know that its hard to stop something that is wrong and to straighten things out. But, when it is, you should go for it, because it does really matter at the end…you know, like when you have to stand there waiting to be judged with your book in your hand [the Right hand InShaAllah]. Wow, thats scary. The harder it is to stop the wrong, the more reward [If God wills]. There have been instances where I had to be that person who tells a friend, a sibling, a special person, or even my parents that what they are doing is wrong or that they should do something other than that. Its really hard. It hurts when these people then get annoyed at you for saying such things and they make you feel guilty of how you are a “goody two-shoes” [I never understood that analogy, but it still hurts…weird]. Then all those moments and memories stir past you and you feel like a hypocrite and what not…ahhhhhh. At the end of the day, you know that God knew your intentions and no matter how mad or annoyed those people get at you, you did the right thing.

I am writing this stuff because in the past year, I had a friend who I thought was one way and who I thought was this “person”, but turns out that the words did not match the actions. I mean even if something was done, I didn’t know. How am I supposed to know what was going on? I wanted and even now want something to happen or have continued, but the words of others don’t match yours that person’s. Idk who is right and who is lying. I have come to a point where I can no longer trust that friend…is it me that is wrong? I have no idea…I think its because nothing is being done. So, you can see why this is an issue…I do not stand for lying. Why, because it is wrong. And lying is a sin. So, no matter how good of a person someone trys to be, and if they still lie, they can not be a good person. So, coming back to the title of this post, don’t do drugs do the right thing and don’t be silent about the wrong. Try to stop it, make it right, even if you have to drop your pride and apologize to who ever got hurt because of the people you know who did/said wrong. In other words, don’t be a wuss.

Oh, and we made smores!

Honey graham crackers, vegan marshmallows (or Halal ones), Any chocolate. Heat in oven for God knows how long. Eat!

Honey gram crackers, vegan marshmallows (or Halal ones), Any chocolate. Heat in oven for God knows how long. Eat!

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My first OOTD

Ok, so I have always been following a variety of blogs that range from topics/themes of poetry, food, art, design, clothes, home stuff, religion, humor, etc. And I always wanted to do an OOTD…yea I didn’t know what that stood for in my early internet years either. Its ‘Outfit Of The Day’. I follow a few youtubers who have a separate channel for this kind of stuff. I don’t follow these types of channels, because watching people talk about what they wear is boring. No offense if you do that…You are cooler then them cause you are here. Yay You! Anyway, I rather read most things that can be written, read, and seen easily instead of watching it…maybe its a time issues thats why. Ok, so lets get into this.

My Outfit of the day; this is what I wore today to class:

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.22.39 AM Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.23.26 AM

OMG, this took forever to post. There you have it. I wear practically the same set/style of clothes everyday. Oh, yea don’t expect anymore of these. I pretty much dress like a bum everyday…and my clothing style is ultra casual [I can sleep in them, move around, and basically there is no effort needed]. So if you see someone in New York, dressed in the above outfit, its probably me…or not LOL. You can go ahead and embarrass yourself by asking if that person is ‘Eva626’, anyway. Good luck with that.

I have class tomorrow and so many unfinished assignments. This was such a waste of time.

Dear Blogiary,

I used to keep a journal/diary [what ever you want to call it]. This was very insufficient. Back then I was a kid…unlike the kids these days who have a device connecting to the internet every second of their existence, I did not. I was a ‘normal’ kid compared to these technology dependent brats you see these days. I mean, get up off your behind; get your face out of the phone/computer/laptop/video-games and help out with chores, nubs. Anyway…back when I was a kid, I had a book to write in about my daily activities and oh-so-boring-routine. Well, I didn’t write everyday, just sometimes, when I had nothing else to do. I wrote about the new things that happened to me, the moments when I didn’t feel so good, the happy times, the boring times, etc…they were always in chronological order from the beginning of the day to the end.

Then I also had these entries that were some what incomplete. It was as if I wrote something secret in them, and if another person were to read it, they’d know I was hiding what had happened…so I would be the only one who knew the details. As I read these types of entries, I did know what had happened. I read the entries often…then one day I ripped them up and threw them in the trash. I felt like I was keeping a bunch of notes that where made of lost hope. Once I threw those out…I started to blog more frequently. This made me happy. I guess its because I like when you guys read my posts…I like to share my thoughts with people. I think the book version was too private for me. I mean I wouldn’t mind letting people read my entries, but when I offer people to read them, they’d get all bug-eyed and act as if they are ‘invading’ my ‘privacy’, which I was letting them read. Seems kind of shady LOL.

The whole idea of a diary/journal seems like the secrecy that you aren’t meant to share or shouldn’t share with people…its ludicrous, cause’ then people like me become the weird ones who want others to read my writing. Insane, right? One thing is for sure…I am so thankful for time, to have introduced blogging to me. Otherwise, I’d still be that loser poking my diary into people’s faces…begging them to read it. [I exaggerate]

So, thank you.