Ramadan 1436/2015

We made it, Alhumdulilah! Its the 4th day of Ramadan. One more hour till Iftar aka opening my fast. This is the most “unique” type of Ramadan I am spending in my whole life…well, that I can remember. Its because I am alone in Chicago. Yea, I’m alone in the kitchen, in my room, during Suhoor, during Iftar. But, Alhumdulilah, I have my friends here to keep me motivated. Also, I have my family on the other side of skype and my deceptive cell phone. Its all good ;).

The other day, the Muslim girls in my educational institute…lol, hosted Iftar for us. It was like a “pot luck” or a “One-dish” as all you brown people like to call it. I made Gol Gappas, of course [that’s the thing with chickpeas and stuff, and you put that in the Panni Puri thing and eat it. Look it up]. Everyone loved them, surprisingly. I actually had to improvise¬†without¬†my original recipe, mostly in part because I lost my memory. LOL. Astigfirullah. I meant like I couldn’t remember it. That’s so bad. However, it worked! Unfortunately I couldn’t make the “coconut lemon aid” I wanted to. Time management issues I tell you.

Ramadan #2015 #1436 #Alhumdulilah #Blessing

Ramadan #2015 #1436 #Alhumdulilah #Blessing

I skyped with my family this morning at 3am, during their Suhoor time. That Bagaan tho [eggplant salaan my mom made for my family]. I miss my family. In other not so important news, I finished Season 2 of Agents of Shield. which means no more distractions for Ramadan. Its a really good show btw! Diverging off topic…Dua for me. I get lost a lot. I also have Clinic tomorrow…2 shifts! Then, I have another shift in the morning on Tuesday after our Exam! Ah.

YA KUDAYA, MADAD! [Lord, Help]

Anyway, I should prep for Iftar…by myself…for myself…with myself. Ah, its all good though!


Day #30.

I guess you noticed the punctuation mark at the end of the title. Yes, its intentional, not a complete sentence, but lets not get into that.

I’ve just been thinking about life as usual. This is bad. Thinking isn’t supposed to be bad. I think I over do it, dang it, I did it again (Cue Britney’s hit album. Not really). I thought everything was ok. I mean it is in reality, just not in my head. Ahhh. I have an exam worth 40% of my grade. What am I doing.

Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. God, forgive me.

That is all. Rabbi Zidni Ilma ( Oh Allah, increase in my knowledge ).


The end.

Wait, not ‘the end’ of these blog posts. Relieved huh. Lol. I meant, ‘the end’, of the 30-days-of-Ramadan-2014-marathon that took way too long, with way too many gaps to complete. Anyway, I did it! I’m not a quitter. Alhumdulilah.

Salam. Peace!

Day 15

Sorry, I’ve been busy getting married and all…lol a little blunt but watevs. So I know Ramadan is over (Insha Allah we get to experience it next year), but I am still going to continue to post till I reach Day 30!. It’ll probably take me till the end of the year haha.

Anyway, yesterday while riding [not on a horse] back home, I was looking outside and the sky was so beautiful SubhanAllah! It was Magrib time and the horizon looked like a painting….expect it wasn’t. All the shades and colors, and the half moon was there too! So, I was thinking about how perfect Allah made everything..and yet us humans want the perfect life…We come up with different ideas to make our lives better.

There was a lecture my mom was listening to (just like in my previous post lol) by Mulana Tariq Jameel. I remember the last of it. He was talking about how every human wants the ideal life, family, home, everything. They want something thats better than before. They can’t even think of imperfection. Its because subconsciously, in the back of our minds, we know there is Jannah aka Heaven!

The point is, ‘it is what it is’.

Salam. Peace!

Day 13

Making sincere Dua….its one of the blessings. SubhanAllah, we are able to ask Allah what ever which we want!. Allah is so kind to us!. Allah tells us to ask Him whatever because He will give!. You only have to belive in Allah, the Creator, and Allah will give!. If not in this world, surely in the hereafter!

“Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him (in supplication) He becomes shy to return them empty” (Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)

One of the most powerful Dua’s to make and ask from Allah:
“Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil ‘akhirati hasanatan waqina ‘adhaban-nar.””Our Lord! grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire.” (2:201) Ameen.


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You can ask Allah in any language, Allah is the Creator, Allah knows every single one! Oh, BTW MAKING DUA IS A FORM OF IBADAATH (Worship)…so convenient!

And if you dua for someone who isn’t present, it will be answered quicker, and by making Dua for another, its as of you are making Dua for yourself as well!!! Oh, Allah, you ARE the most Kind!

Pst….Dua for me.

Salam. Peace!

Day 12

Its all about perspective and your level of understanding. Also, so very useless to argue with the ignorant people, who have been brainwashed by what they see around them and start accepting that lifestyle, not because its the ‘norm’ these days, but also because its easy…a pleasurable style of living. You can’t force someone to live another way… Only dua for them that Allah the Mighty and Supreme, will turn their hearts and give them understanding and guide them on the Right path.

I wish some people would just see things how they are meant to be instead of trying to reason with what their ego wants or doesn’t. Be stronger than that!!!

If only. And the mother prays for her child morning and night. If only, you are able to pull the curtains from your eyes. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

Salam. Peace!

Day 6

Being a parent is difficult. You have to be a friend, but also have to have order. Why….its because they are more experienced than their kids, and they want the best for the kids. If they don’t understand something, explain to them in a tone that reminds yourself that you will have kids one day insha Allah, or more importantly that Allah is watching how you talk to your parents.

After explaining, give them time to understand. If you, the kid are wrong, drop your stubborn ego and give in. Apologize, ’cause you never know when you’ll die, and that deed will be taken to account. Astagfirullah, May Allah forgive me (us). This is going back to Day 2.

Anyway, I really planned to write about why be a good muslim….and I will lol. Its because you want to be a knowledgeable older-person. Meaning, you want to be able to teach the good things and warn the bad things to the people who don’t know…like your future kids, or the newer generation, or even people who aren’t aware of the teachings and why stuff has to be followed.

This will make the world a better place with Allah’s help. Insha Allah. The most difficult part is that people start to defend their wrong doings because they can not stop doing it or they don’t want to. Thats another issue.

The point was, ‘respect your parents, because Allah gave them rights over you’ and ‘learn and do as much as you can so you can be a good example to your kids or people who just don’t know about Islam, because you are representing the religion of Peace’.

Salam. Peace!