OK. I am in Chicago, IL and will have to call this “home” for a few years. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. Its not really like New York…I miss my real home. And I miss my family. I do Skype and talk on the phone with my family everyday, multiple times a day. And I miss everything. Anyway, my roommate is pretty chill…she’s so much like my sister, which is weird ’cause I used to share a room with my sister back in NY. She also has the same habits as my sister, except she doesn’t mind me as her roommate [LOL]. Its so cold here! Whoever said “windy city” was right. blah.

The thing I don’t like about where I am at, besides not being in NY, is that the only CVS I have seen is so far away. And whats up with “target”. No competition. And where in the Chicago is Pathmark at. ugh.

Oh the public transportation in Chicago is horrible not as convenient or efficient as in NewYork. Of course. My roommate had to go somewhere to meet up with her family the other day and she had such a hard time. She first walked so far, i forget where, but then she had to take a cab. The cab broke down [HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!?]. Then she got to the train station and she missed the train…and had to check after two hours to see when the next one would come. idk. Maybe its her luck hahaha. I’m so mean.

Stuff right before moving to Chicago. Memories.

Stuff right before moving to Chicago. Memories. I learned to use the ‘photogrid’ app. So cool right.

Btw, Eid Mubarak to everyone [I’m not slow, just been occupied, kinda]. Thats my foot; I attempted to put on Henna on, but unfortunately it was expired [fail]. That popcorn got burnt [this was in karachi]. Thats the Eid gift I got for my sister, its wrapped in the only wrapping paper I could find. That yellow outfit was what I wore on one of the last days of Ramadan…and the color started leaking on to my skin. I still miss NY.

OH and whoever asked me that question on about my triple major…I want to know what you people think they are. So comment, dang it.

Peace out. #TeamNY For LIFE. -eva626


Private and Confidential

There was a point in my life where I had to change a few of my posts to private because I had tracked down a stalker. But I think I scared him/her away LOL. Sorry if you are still here. Now everything on this blog is public. I always had issues with sharing my personal life with people, be it family, friends, teachers, you guys, people on my Facebook and Twitter…yea. I love being anonymous here because at least I can share my general thoughts that might have to do something with the real me, without anyone actually knowing who I am. It might confuse some people because they don’t know my past or present. I am  fine with that. The main reason I blog is to waste time write out what I am thinking about without expecting advice from people. I just want someone to listen sometimes, even if it is you, who I don’t even know. Sometimes i feel that bloggers are more real than the real people I know.

Problems with sharing things with certain types of people:

-Parent: I tried this actually and sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. The problem with this is that parents do care, a lot, but they care too much. They will make a big deal about it because they care for you A LOT. If you don’t like their response, you should just keep quiet and ponder on why they answered in such a way. There is always a good reason because they care A WHOLE LOT. lol. And so this leads them to tell the older child…aka my nemesis sister [LOL a bit exaggerated]; this makes me uncomfortable.

-Friend: I don’t have any friends.

LOL joking. This here is also a problem…well, it kinda depends on what kind of a friend they are. If they are the opposite gender type of friend, they will think you are crazy. Don’t share your girl feelings with guys and viceversa. Biology makes it so that the other wont really understand what you are feeling. Of course there are exceptions, but to stay on the safe side…I would pass. Also, I am a girl [haha I know] and telling friends who are females doesn’t help. They’d just nod and agree with you, which isn’t a good thing because you are still stuck in the dilemma.


Sometimes I need to be alone with a mug of chai.

-Relative: Don’t do it, even if they are your cousins, because your story will definitely reach other people. First, it will be transferred to their close cousins, then their mom’s, who are most probably your mom’s sister, and then your mom will know…. None the less before your mom knows it will reach every member around the world.

-Sibling: Some of us have really close ties with our siblings or a particular one, so its easy to spill the beans (purposely) and share your issues. But then there are families like mine, where we cringe when one of us shares their inner thoughts. The environment that some cultures have created is so messed up. You can’t share anything personal with your siblings. It might be because the headline will reach the parents or because you might just be too embarrassed, since your dealing with serious critics. But we trust our siblings more than others; the good thing here is that what happens in the neutral family stays inside. This might be the second best option after the last one below.

-Blog: Its simple, but sometimes indirect. Its kinda risky though, since if someone catches on, they might be offended. You shouldn’t want to offend people. So, think, think, write, re-read, think, then publish.

-The one you can always trust is God.

Why bloggers make the best of people

People have a misconception of bloggers. People, like my sister, used to think that bloggers are not ‘real’. She now thinks that they post stuff to make them self be perceived in a specific way. She thinks they are creepy at times…and not only me, but all of YOU BLOGGERS too. Its ok, because I am writing this post to defend us bloggers. LOL, the last sentence just made US sound so lame. Anyway keep reading.

Reasons why bloggers are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog:

1- We say what we want. This shows how expressive we are and how open we can be. Of course the normal-non-blogging-person would argue that ‘writing stuff on the internet doesn’t show how brave you are to speak your mind, because it is behind a screen, so in fact you are hiding from the world and using weirdo usernames, like ‘eva626′ to randomly speak your mind’. On the contrary, most of the bloggers probably did try to speak their minds in ‘real-life’, but the problem was that the mass of people that we were communicating with do not have the capacity to understand our point of view, so they would just diverge from the basis of the argument and soon it would be pointless. This led us bloggers to use the internet to communicate our opinion to the mass, without being bombarded with random statements, which do not belong in the conversation. Mind you, blog readers can do this too, but then it is easy for the blogger to google-scholar such statements and confirm if they are wrong or right immediately. Over all, bloggers will go by facts, they like to discuss in a sophisticated manner, and they are brave enough to speak their mind {Note: I am talking about the intelligent bloggers, and if you are an experienced blogger, you are probably intelligent in your own special way}.

2-We are real. We are more real than your average barbie doll. I say this because I have made close ties with certain bloggers that I still haven’t managed to with the people who aren’t bloggers. I am not a loner by the way (I think). Many friends in the ‘real‘ world are so very hard to understand sometimes and they are embarrassed to share what they feel or what they are thinking. This causes so much chaos and confusion!!! On the other hand, bloggers will rant on and on about the problem. It can get annoying at times, and most people do not like to read such long posts, but that won’t bother the blogger, because bloggers do not care about people’s negative energy while in the state of an emotional breakdown. Also, the blogger knows that they are not forcing someone to listen to their problems; they just need a way to let it all out and its a better way than smashing plates onto the kitchen floor.

3-We are relatable. There are many bloggers who share the same interests, be it food, traveling, drawing, or any experience. They like to share the interesting things going on in their life. They find other bloggers who share the same interests too. This creates a mold of a happy community on the internet. Bloggers have a certain niche they are in, but aren’t afraid to try new things, or at least read about. All in all, we bloggers-minus-the-pycho-ones are a bunch of happy people, and we never get bored.

4-We want to be loved, yet are not forcing people to love us. Most bloggers, if not all, want more and more people to read their posts, comment, and follow their blog {hint, hint}. They want to be freshly pressed so badly, yet they do not yell it out to the point that the committee gets annoys and puts a ban on their blog forever. They are easy-going people, who care about how others feel…and so, they know when not to be annoying and just go with the flow.

5-We are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog because we are bloggers and bloggers will always be cooler then non-bloggers. {No offensive, if you aren’t a blogger and just a reader…you probably are cool as us bloggers. Thanks for reading}

I love being a blogger.

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N.O. to Hoarding

In my previous blog, I wrote much about how I disliked and felt nauseous when I saw that show “Hoarders: buried alive”. Thankfully my sister doesn’t watch that anymore. So, last night my sister decided to get rid of the clothes that were not being used, or the ones we never wore or never were going to wear. And I helped by doing the same with the clothes in my closets.

Donation…thats how we do it!

Anyway, it was nice to see some room in my closet. My mom said it feels like the room can breath again. haha idk. My sister was so into the whole ‘getting-rid-of-stuff-moment’ that she also dug out her high school and college notes, old dvds, cds, etc…to recycle. Yes, we care about the environment.

After we were done, there were about five large gift bags full of folded clothes!!! I was going to take a picture but it was too late; there were already off to the Donation bin/place. It felt good to do something like that. We didn’t feel like Hoarders at the end. Only if we can hide a mini spy camera in the pile to see who gets the clothes; that would be cool.

Almost done with getting rid of the clothes, but still have to tackle my moms and brothers closets.

Oh yea, in case you were interested:

Tuna with celery and all that good stuff...for sandwiches

Potatoes and green beans wrapped in Steak ready for the oven.

P.S. Hoarding is not beautiful.


Many people around me [in real life] find me very, very boring. I don’t know, is it the way I look? [Hah, wrong place to ask this]. It can also be the way I talk. My sister would probably say it is the way I dress. I say it is my ‘talent list’:

1. ?

I am not very talented, I guess. No, I don’t want pity points or anything like that. Actually this post was to show my attempt at art. I was reading quite a few blogs that consisted of bloggers featuring their talent of drawing, comics, and other illustrations. It reminded me of the scribbles I make while dozing off during class. I waste a lot of ink…too bad it goes to ‘waste’.

I drew this on Paint. FAIL

A floating head with words was extremely difficult for me to draw (on the computer that is…I am worse on paper). I did not even want to attempt at the body. LOL

So, for all you non-artistic people…stay non-artistic and save others from making that cringing ‘wow-that-is-bad’ face [only for people who know they aren’t artsy. For everyone else who is…props!].

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