Day #30.

I guess you noticed the punctuation mark at the end of the title. Yes, its intentional, not a complete sentence, but lets not get into that.

I’ve just been thinking about life as usual. This is bad. Thinking isn’t supposed to be bad. I think I over do it, dang it, I did it again (Cue Britney’s hit album. Not really). I thought everything was ok. I mean it is in reality, just not in my head. Ahhh. I have an exam worth 40% of my grade. What am I doing.

Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. God, forgive me.

That is all. Rabbi Zidni Ilma ( Oh Allah, increase in my knowledge ).


The end.

Wait, not ‘the end’ of these blog posts. Relieved huh. Lol. I meant, ‘the end’, of the 30-days-of-Ramadan-2014-marathon that took way too long, with way too many gaps to complete. Anyway, I did it! I’m not a quitter. Alhumdulilah.

Salam. Peace!


Day #24

Don’t make decisions in haste. Tell everyone who is putting their input in the matter, the whole truth. Be patient. Otherwise you’d be regretting everything and have to make everything else work. In that case, make a lot of Dua. Hopefully, you are just being a brat. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what you did was right, except I can’t help it, but always see the good.

The point is keep yourself busy the rest of your life now
The point is who cares about what other people think
The point is you shuda been patient.
The point is start wishing for a miracle.
The point is Person.
The point is I’m a brat.

The point is, ‘Make Dua to Allah, be patient, and focus on the miserable four weeks of studying for exams and practicals, fool.

Salam. Peace!

Day 17

I had a friend over in between classes the other day, and she was talking about how everything bad always happens with so and so… She blamed it on ‘bad luck’.

I read that ‘What ever good comes to you is through Allah, and the bad is bought onto by oneself’. She didn’t understand this and started to say something against this, then she got a text message before I could explain to her what I meant. And so, like many topics, this too disappeared, because of something else interrupting it.

I mean, all the bad that happens, does come from ones self, right? Like its consequence; thats how I see it. I don’t mean like natural disasters and such, or something on a national or global level. I meant on a personal level…that only involves you. If you go against the ways of ALLAH, ignore the warnings, blow up your ego to such a degree that you put yourself and your so called ‘understanding’ of ‘your own’ life, then somethin’ bad ’bout to come of it. I would love to explain this further, but my laptop battery is at 10%.

The point is, “Think about why you are here, learn, explore, search for answers till they make sense ALL THE WAYS. Of course they won’t make sense at once, but thats why you are given these number of days…Prophet Muhammad (saws) said: “Seeking Knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.” [Muslim: one who is in submission to Allah. {Allah- The one and only GOD, with nothing/no one associated with Him}.]

Salam. Peace!

Day 1

Ramadan Kareem, everyone! Hope the first fast is going well, or went well [depending on where you live]. I kind of don’t want to blog daily…its just so hard to open up my laptop and try to write something. I usually don’t post much, as you know, because I only do so when I have something to write about. I cant force myself to just write…its hard. Anyway, I will try. Its June 29th today. In NY, we are fasting about 18 hours, SubhanAllah! I hear in Sweden its 22 hours or so!!! I can’t imagine. I went out to sit in the backyard for a while and the sun on my cheeks was making me self conscious of getting sunburnt. I’m in doors now, and so thankful for the air condition. Some people don’t have this…Same for food.

Ramadan is not only a month to fast from food, but also from bad habits and wrong doings. I have a bad habit of saying useless things…which I am trying to not say. Gossiping is the worst…I try to refrain from it; its hard when another person starts sharing such things with you and you come in a situation where you don’t know what to do besides sound ‘rude’ and tell them to stop or let it go. I also have decided to stop thinking about the future…or worrying about random things like ‘oh how will I unpack when I get back to chicago’ or ‘oh why haven’t they called yet’ or ‘should I or should I not make cake…I ran out of brown sugar, WHAT DO I DO!!!?’.

Its hard to keep a clear head, but it can be done, Insha Allah. Ok then, I don’t have enough energy to write anymore. I guess i’ll start on cutting fruit for Fruit chaat now. Oh, and I won’t torture anyone who is fasting (including myself) by posting up food pictures for a month like I did last year.

ok Salam, Peace. Keep me in your prayers!


What is it? I know that its when you get into a lost place and you don’t know where you’re life is going [if thats what it really is..]. Oh, btw I AM NOT DEPRESSED lol. I was just thinking about this the other day. And I was thinking about writing a post about it, but then I thought about not writing it ’cause I be mad lazy these days and forever [I always hear myself singing to that word now. Thanks a lot, Frozen. Its a movie]. What changed my mind, not that it matters, was that yesterday or before that [idk, my memory is fading. I sound so old.] someone commented on my last post saying that I haven’t posted in…cue music…”long time in foreverrrrr”. So here it is:

I was going to research a bit on depression…cause I have nothing better to do, but seriously I have so much to do. I hate it. I kinda, actually took time out of studying to write this post; I am not researching for this post though. Depression is a real thing, but what if everything in your life is there…you know, like you have a family, who despite how much you disagree with and try to avoid, they try to make everything the best for you. But, we humans are egotistic and we think what we do and think, is always right, am I right? [get it…lol]. So, sometimes most of the time, I am like that too, but then when things get messed up and people get ticked off and stuff, I have to step back and think about what just happened. I think this works for me…all the time, even if it takes my slow-self a long duration to think about it, it still helps.

This picture is relevant , right?

This picture is relevant , right?

Like last Friday, I was all lonely and blah, so I called my mom. I asked her what we’ll be doing for the summer [my mind should stay in the present for Realz]. Here’s the dialogue:
Mom: You’re coming home for the summer!
Me: yea, I know, but what are we gonna do?
Mom: nothing, just enjoy the summer
Me: I mean, like WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?
Mom: Nothing…we’ll do stuff
Me: ugh, —— [some dumb stuff I said].
Mom: fine, if you dont want to come, don’t.
Me: ….
Mom: ok then, I guess I’ll talk to you later [this happens when I dont say anything]

Then that night I thought about it, and what if I thought boredom would take over back home for the summer, that shouldn’t stop me from enjoying every moment…I cheered up, made some duas to not be all negative and “depressed” about my life [which is actually pretty sweet! Alhumdulilah]. I was just being a brat. Everyone should be thankful for their current situation, because it is a blessing. I then wanted to call my mom to say sorry and say how much of a baby I was being [well not that part cause I was embarrassed too]. But, my family members were probably sleeping, so I left a text, “Salamalakum, r u guys awake…i miss you”. I looked at my phone the next morning and my mom had sent me a snapchat of her and my two brothers smiling, with a caption “well we dont”….I’m joking hahaha, it actually said, “We miss you too!!”. I guess I was forgiven. So the point is, you can change the state of your mind and call onto Allah, the one who knows whats going on in your mind, and ask for help. Find happiness and comfort in anything…like being alive maybe…or by having so much that you have…or by BEING ALIVE and whatever else matters to you. Make the best of every situation and you will find it easy to smile, even if you only have an awkward-not-so-obvious-kinda-smile. You’ll feel good. InshaAllah [By Allah’s will].

And someone also commented that I should write another movie review…I was going to do this, but I watch so many movies; Which movie should I review? You tell!
-Peace out. Salamalakum. Keep my in your prayers.

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Feminism…ok, just shut up.

Not all females are feminists. I mean what is feminism anyway? Flinging your headscarfs out the window or worse…other things as was done in the 1960s in America. That is not feminism…sorry to burst your tiny bubble, but getting rid of pieces of clothing from your body only shows how dumb you are. You don’t respect yourself, how will this make others respect you? I mean come on, you are climbing back the “evolutionary” ladder…animals are unclothed, not humans. Clothes are made to cover us and protect our body parts, not show them off. Ew thats disgusting…ok I am done talking almost naked people.

Just know this, modesty = feminism. With modesty comes pulling out of current social pressures, for example Barbie. Hopefully now you understand. What if you WANT to show off to people, just so they can judge you even more…thats your problem. Good luck with living your life based on what others “impose” on you. There is more to life then just people (of course you are supposed to care about people, their feelings, possessions, ideas, thoughts, humanity, etc… but I mean about what people think about YOU in particular). Everyone is supposed to respect one another…its ethics and morals, no matter what religion or ideas you follow. Ok back to ‘feminism’.

I don’t believe in the type of Feminism that most people think about when they think of this term. They think its about Females ruling the world (that said, what makes this right and then what makes Men ruling the world wrong?…you want to dominate over the other gender…is that it?) This doesn’t make sense to me (not that it matters lol). I think that males and females have to work together in this world for the sake of humanity…even though today’s era is somewhat lost on common sense.

Honestly speaking, the most rights of women I have learned, read about, and am trying to follow is in Islam. Females were given the right to inheritance, work for their own satisfaction and self, vote, counted in socitey more than 1400 years ago by way of Islam. That is way before the US or anyother country or group sought existance of them. If you haven’t seen the video I shared in one of my posts, please do so, there is a segment where it touches the questions of rights of females in it. Females have been honored so much in Islam. This post can go on and on about this topic but I will cut it short and leave you with this picture below. Hopefully it will clear some misconceptions that society has fogged up and hid from your innocent minds:

“The status of Women is so high in Islam, that even Men wish they were Women”